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Embody & Explore
RP Online 
Community Practice

Sundays 10:00 am PT  &  Mondays 4:00 pm PT (-8UTC)
Ongoing, Reliable, Supportive Online Guided Practice & Discussion
For Dedicated* RP Practitioners, Students, & Teachers
*(recommended minimum 3-months RP practice)
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RP Online Community Practice is Offered in the spirit of Sangha.

We come together weekly to support our personal RP practice & to deepen our attunement to FC from within the rich field of a community of committed practitioners.

Candace has facilitated RP Online Community Practice  weekly since August 2016.
We welcome Guest Hosts wanting to explore  their own group teaching ability.

RP Online Community Practice

All Dedicated RP Practitioners

  • Your human birthright is to live fully = Embodied Wholeness of Being.
  • There seems to be more availability into openness practicing in a group. Come discover that subtle unity.
  • Discover how guidance from a different voice, a subtle change of pace, an occasional word, moves us more into subtlety. Discover how simple fluidity deepens you more.
  • Meet other RP practitioners in a gentle & welcoming community 
  • Practice so that you may live in/as the unchanging ground of your being 
  • Become the Center of all your Experience living in the Subtle Vertical Core of your Body
  • Uncover Wholeness of Being rooted in Fundamental Consciousness,​

RP Community Practice

General Format

  • We begin with smooth & even breathing to settle & become present.

  • Moving directly into guided RP practice to support inhabiting the whole body and attunement in the unified relational field

  • Continuous guided RP practice 55-65 minutes

  • Community check-in, observations, questions

  • Short closing meditation


What to Expect

  • All RP Community Practice Meetings are Unique

  • Slow guiding to allow time to deepen with the invitation​

  • Occassional quotes from Judith or intermediary comments from Candace

  • Room to unwind your practice conundrums during check-in

  • Meeting may be cancelled if fewer than 4 participants attend.

  • Fully Certified RP Practitioners Invited to Guest Host. 


Are you a dedicated RP Practitioner & 

Want to Participate?

Every Sunday 10:00 am Pacific Time (-7UTC)
& Monday 4:00 pm Pacific Time

Haven't practiced RP with Candace yet?

Please contact Candace before attending. 



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RP Community Practice

"I love being a part of the RP community sessions... The connection to self that is reestablished during the meditation is supported & strengthened during the discussions. 

    "Then there is the added connection that comes from having folks in different locations around the world sharing the practice on zoom resulting in an elimination the perceived distance between us. This collapse of space has a similar quality to the collapse of other."

-Teddy Spath.  NYC, USA. RP Embodiment Teacher
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