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Embody & Explore
Realization Process
Classes & Workshops
with Candace Cave

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Embody & Explore RP
Classes & Workshops
with Candace Cave

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Expect a Small Group Environment  intended...

* For attunement to self & others within the pervasive unitive field of fundamental consciousness

* To support all participants ongoing practice of RP

* To deepen internal contact with yourself & your environment everywhere in your body at once

* To help you live more clearly balanced & settled within the central core of your being

* To engage gravity to explore the ground of being in relationship with the living ground around you (the ground of your body).

* To help you practice how to fully receive all of the nuances of life's myriad changes, inhabiting your body disentangled & unwound from habitual grasping on the movement of life, 


* To support you to explore with subtle nuance the qualities that nourish & tonify your experience of ground of being: awareness; emotion; physical sensation; love; power; wisdom; wonder; intelligence; & more...

* To stabilize your attunement to fundamental consciousness so that you might more & more live an embodied experience of Wholeness of Being. 

* To use RP Principles & Practices as portals for awakening so you might unwind, disentangle, receive, allow, balance, absorb, dissolve elements of aliveness that inhibit your attunement to Fundamental Consciousness & realization of your Wholeness of Being.


Each class & workshop is unique.

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Ongoing Drop-In RP Classes

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RP Online Community Practice


Sundays 10:00amPT

Mondays 4:00pmPT

  • Intended for dedicated RP Practitioners & Students

  • Ongoing, reliable, supportive

  • This is a welcoming environment

  • 60-minutes guided practice followed by questions & discussion 

  • Available as community support for deepening a subtle Embodied Experience of Fundamental Consciousness

  • Not a place for absolute beginners (please enquire)

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Series & Workshops
with Candace

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Flower- Healing

Realization Process Essential

Portals to Awakening

Gentle Small Group Immersion for

Beginning & Experienced RP Practitioners

Saturday, April 6, 2024

or Saturday, June 1, 2024

8:00am-2:30pm Pacific Time (-8UTC)


  • Expect to inhabit portals to embodied wholeness of being

  • Apply essential principles of Realization Process
  • Explore primary RP practices with guided meditations
  • Deepen attunement to embodied qualites of being
  • Live in the subtle core of your body
This workshop provides a thorough introduction to Realization Process including opportunity for the arising of your direct experience of fundamental consciousness, embodied nonduality. Meets requirements for RP Teacher Training.
Your Opportunity to Explore Whole Body Practice
An RP Online Adventure
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Realization Process In-Person Workshop
Southern Oregon, USA (in the woods!)

June 8-9, 2024 For Everyone
June 10 - Deepening for RP Teachers
June 7 - Optional afternoon Introduction

On-Site Tent & RV Camping Available
Conventional lodging available in town

contact Candace for more information & Registration


Flower Garden Oregon

Realization Process Meditation

Teachers Training 


June 18 - August 23, 2024. 

Co-teachers Parts 1-3

Candace Cave & Theresa Scott

Teacher Part 4

Judith Blackstone 

This training teaches the main Realization Process practices for embodied nondual awakening, and their application to personal maturity and psychological healing. Specific practices are taught for listening and responding to another person as fundamental consciousness, for subtle reading of constrictions and openness in one’s own and another person’s body, and for recognizing and releasing emotional wounds and trauma-based constrictions from the body. 

To Learn More & Register Go To:

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Realization Process Advanced

Post-Certification Guidance

For RP teachers certified in Embodiment, Meditation & Healing Ground


with Candace Cave, Cindy Cunningham, Theresa Scott

9 Fridays September 6 - December 6, 2024

Practical Applications for how to prepare, promote, manage, & teach

Realization Process classes, series, workshops, & private sessions.


Bring questions and challenges.

Find inspiration and support from three

RP Senior Teacher Trainers and from your peers.

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Previous Series & Workshops
with Candace

(new dates offered in the future)

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Judith Blackstone

Book Discussion Group

The Fullness of the Ground

9 Tuesdays beginning January 9, 2024

10:00-11:30am Pacific Time

We meet to discuss Judith Blackstone's Books

  • For RP practitioners with minimum 1 teacher training.

  • Please read the assigned pages before you arrive.

  • We'll settle within the relational field with guided practice related to the reading.

  • We'll discuss written content in relation to RP, ourselves, embodiment, metaphysics, philosophy, nonduality, & whatever else arises in the unified ground of our communion.

  • Summer 2023: The Enlightenment Process

  • Winter 2024: The Fullness of the Ground: A Guide to Embodied Awakening, Judith Blackstone. Available September 12, 2023

 Next Group Discussion Begins Summer 2024

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Art- Embodying Nonduality

Embodying Stillness

RP Practices to Help Stabilize your Ongoing Attunement to Fundamental Consciousness

May be offered again in 2024

  • It's difficult to always embody wholeness of being if you only explore attunement to fundamental consciousness sitting in meditation. 

  • It is possible to move through life settled in ground of being.

  • It is possible to walk with grace & ease, movement fluid & cohesive

  • Intended on-going exploration with varied practice.

  • Classes video recorded with skilled demonstrations of movements.

Judith Blackstone's

The Realization Process +

Stillness Moving + Healing Through Embodiment

Butterfly- Meditation

Gravity, Balance, & Subtle Currents

Ground Your Being in Earth's Gravity
  • Uncover gravity's support for wholeness of being - the  gift of lightness & buoyancy
  • Explore Balance in relationship with gravity - a foundation for more thorough & stabile attunement 
  • Meet gravity without gripping or pulling away
  • Use gravity to find room in your core & circuitry to receive the most subtle currents of the breath/energy system
  • Discover Safety in Gravity's Reliability
An RP Online Adventure

Receiving the Upward Rising Current

of Energy through the Subtle Core 

  • Explore the Relationship between stillness, movement, and the subtle core of the body
  • Settle in/as the experience of the unwavering nature of FC
  • Uncover the meaningful support offered by the movement of energy along the subtle core
An RP Online Adventure
Garden- Wellness

Cravings & Consumption

Meeting Habits, Compulsions

& Conflicts with Realization Process

Considered for 2023

New Format ** New Co-Host


  • A practical application of RP to everyday life. 

  • Explore that place between behavior & intention.

  • Unwind & disentangle habit patterns.

  • Allow authentic choice to arise in the moment.

  • 6-8 week series.

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Garden Flower

Realization Process Essentials

Offered Again Fall 2022

Gentle Small Group Immersion for

Beginning & Experienced RP Practitioners 


  • Expect to inhabit portals to embodied wholeness.

  • Apply essential principles of Realization Process

  • Explore essential RP practices with guided exercises

  • Deepen attunement to essential qualities of being

  • Live in the subtle core of your body

This workshop provides a thorough introduction to Realization Process including opportunities for the arising of your direct attunement to unitive consciousness, embodied nonduality.

Your Opportunity to Explore Whole Body Practice



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