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Private Sessions

RP with Candace

Are you Ready for a RP Private Session with Candace?

⫸ You are a practiced RP student on a quest. I only work one-on-one with those already experienced with RP practices & principles.+ 

⫸ You desire to better inhabit the myriad nuanced RP portals for awakening & stabilizing attunement to Fundamental Consciousness.

⫸ You desire to uncover more interior spaciousness by balancing, settling, disentangling & unwinding habit patterns of coping, mirroring & trauma. 

⫸ You want to feel unified in your experience of  embodied wholeness of being.

⫸ You want to live & breath settled within the depth of your subtle core.

I use RP to guide you towards more depth, subtlety, richness, discernment, luminosity, integration, grounding, unity, balance, embodiment, disentanglement, contentment, wholeness of being, fundamental consciousness.

+ If you are newer to RP, I encourage you to attend an RP Essentials or Introduction Workshop. Learning Realization Process can be easier & more informative when you begin in a group.

Are You Ready?

Why Explore Realization Process with Candace Cave?


​I know the pleasure of receiving skilled practice guidance from brilliant teachers & I aspire to bring that to you, with my own unique style. 


You will find me welcoming, compassionate, enthusiastic, deeply interested in your embodied experience, intelligent, insightful, curious, empathetic, knowledgeable about RP principles, practices & portals, with good see/feel.


I offer a robust & ready laugh & an infinite depth of compassion. I am grounded deeply in embodied wholeness with a desire for you to join me in the unified field of fundamental consciousness.

I am not a "healer" who will direct you to materialize a solution. I am a RP teacher who will direct you to settle, balance, disentangle, explore & attune to the most subtle qualities of being.


I guide RP just for you, in ways that will take you ever deeper into embodied wholeness of being, uncover the texture of living within the subtle core of your body, journeying toward RP paths that nestle you to rest spacious, subtle & stable. 


For my own healing, & as my dharma contribution to re-earthing our species, I have studied, practiced, & taught Realization Process since 2010. I continue to explore, adding to 100s of hours of class time with Judith Blackstone, 1000s of hours guiding students privately & in groups, plus countless hours personal practice. My credentials are excellent.

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What to Expect from your
Private Session

♾️ An environment that supports your journey of Embodied Nondual/Spiritual Awakening.​


♾️ A friendly, practical, warm human being with deep listening skills, tremendous experience (Thousands of private sessions guided), and enormous compassion.


♾️ Encouragement & practical guidance to deepen & stabilize ongoing Experience of Fundamental Consciousness exploring all aspects of your Wholeness. ​


♾️ An unique variety of RP practices drawn from years of teaching all aspects of the Realization Process: Subtle Self Work, Nondual Meditation, Embodied Experience, Trauma Repair Healing, plus Stillness Moving & Relational Exploration.​


♾️ Articulate description of kinesthetic experience to help you more cogently inhabit your body.


♾️ See/feel facility subtle enough to know your relationship with the portal I am inviting you to inhabit. I can assist your discernment & precise attunements during our meeting online on Zoom or onsite near Ashland, OR.

All online sessions are recorded and shared with the participant(s). 

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In all my Realization Process Teaching...

My focus is upon helping practiced RP students find more
experience of interior depth & subtlety.

My approach is to help you uncover unified wholeness of being: so that you live your life as both stillness and movement.

My guidance is grounded in the Embodiment aspects of RP, with
the Trauma Repair work as refinement of your interior spaciousness.

My joy is to see/feel your unfolding into wholeness of being, to help you stabilize in/as Fundamental Consciousness.



Explore RP with Candace Cave

Classes & Workshops

Explore Embodied Unified Consciousness 

in Groups with other People 

Deepen Attunement via Portals for Transformation Offered by Realization Process

Private Sessions

Learn More about Exploring RP

 one-on-one with Candace.

Explore RP with Candace

Private Students Say...

"As someone who has worked with her directly, as well as having observed her work with others, I would say Candace brings a remarkably precise sensitivity as well as an embodied openness to her work...

Highly recommended."

-Ezra Maurer, USA & Canada. RP Senior Teacher
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