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About Candace Cave

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At age 9 I learned to sail on San Francisco Bay.

1981-2008 I sailed a small boat 40,000 ocean miles.


On ocean crossings longer than 5 days, In a constantly moving universe, I became the still center of all pervasive space. Fundamental Consciousness arose spontaneously as an embodied experience. This felt like the nirvana yoga practice promised.

Whenever I returned to land, embodied nirvana disappeared.


In 1983 I actively turned my spiritual embodiment practice & studies to uncovering & stabilizing this self-arising attunement of embodied nonduality, 

In 2010 I read a book by Judith Blackstone. At my first class with her in 2011, when she instructed, "the space inside is the same as the space outside, & you are the center of that experience" I realized the source of my quest was to be found in Realization Process. 

Since then, I've studied 100s of hours with Judith Blackstone & 1000s of hours guiding RP students. 

I sailed across oceans to south sea islands, navigating the voyages with a sextant & charts. I rely on Realization Process to navigate my journey to retrieve the most subtle dimension of myself & to live embodied in wholeness of being.


I invite you to sail along with me on a journey to discover yourself as the center of all pervaive experience. 

Blue Light

I know what it feels like...

To Feel disconnected from people & the movement of life. 
         ➺ RP guided me to rest in my core, feeling I am the center of all experience.

To Feel Overwhelmed by details & connections & expectations.
         ➺ RP guided me into my subtle core & ever-unifying disentangling.

To Experience Chronic Pain when I walk.
         ➺ RP & a good PT helped settle balance points & awaken qualities in my body. My body now moves with grace & ease.

To Feel Abandoned by those I believed loved me.
         ➺ RP revealed foundations as body locations of reliable support from Gravity.

To Struggle against old patterns that repeatedly trigger inappropriate response.
        ➺ RP unwound constrictions & offered unified wholeness in all qualities. 

To Experience Embodied Awakening & lose that feeling over & over.
        ➺ RP practice gradually helped me be "whole enough" to feel mostly stable & attuned to FC amidst all of the movement of life.

To Puzzle over the permutations of meaning, experience & depth in the deceptively simple RP instructions. 
        ➺ RP practice, study inquiry & exploration provides ever-deepening insights. 

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You will find me warm, welcoming, interested, compassionate, deep, fun, imaginative, insightful,  enthusiastic, with good see/feel.
My particular skills are honed to help you use each RP instruction as a portal to deeper & more stable embodied nonduality. 
  • precision in finding core points,
  • more thorough balancing,
  • refined inhabiting,
  • adjusting relationships with gravity,
  • kindling attunement to the qualities of being,
  • clarifying your abilities to receive,
  • disentangling bindings,
  • unwinding patterns,
  • absorbing & dissolving struggle & pain,
​I will use RP to help you
  • Feel that you are in contact with your self everywhere inside your body at once. 
  • Embody your most supportive relationship with the ground of being as your foundation,
  • Live & breathe more fully in the subtle core of your body,
  • Awaken & stabilize the full capacity of your wholeness of being,
  • Engage life with equanimity & authenticity.
  • Move with grace & ease. 
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Our Work Together will be based entirely on Realization Process principles & practices, + on-going RP experience of myself & my students. I have 100s of hours of RP training, 1000s of hours guiding individuals & classes, & more than a decade of devoted personal practice & study with the work of Judith Blackstone, RP's founder.

I am a RP Senior Teacher, Fully Certified in all aspects of Realization Process, with Advanced Certificates in Trauma Repair & Stillness Moving. I am Primary Assistant Teacher for Online RP Teacher Trainings & will co-teach the Oceana & Asia RP Embodiment Teacher Training beginning June 2022. An avid student of Realization Process, I enjoy weekly practice exchanges with several RP colleagues, regularly attend RP classes & workshops offered by others, & find every opportunity available to attend a RP class with Judith Blackstone. 
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Explore RP with Candace Cave

Classes & Workshops

Explore Embodied Unified Consciousness 

in Groups with other People 

Deepen Attunement via Portals for Transformation Offered by Realization Process

Private Sessions

Learn More about Exploring RP

 one-on-one with Candace.

Explore RP with Candace
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Opportunities to Explore RP with Candace

Are you a Beginning RP Student?

I am delighted to meet you in:

  • RP Online Essentials Workshop

  • RP Relationships (partnered with an RP practitioner)

  • RP Classes & workshops hosted by other teachers, including Judith Blackstone


Are you an Experienced Novice or Dedicated RP Practitioner?

I am happy to meet you in:

  • RP Online Community Practice

  • Any Workshop or Class that I offer

  • Private Sessions

  • RP Classes & workshops hosted by other teachers, including Judith Blackstone



Are you a RP Teacher or Student RP Teacher?

I have supported RP teachers (online) since 2017. It is my passion.

  • I welcome our engagement in all classes & workshops.

  • Private Sessions to explore your own process and/or...

  • 30-minute sessions addressing specific RP questions & conundrums .

  • Practical application to help you address RP exercises & principles, your personal practice, or your teaching. 

  • Interested Fully Certified RP Teachers can explore guiding groups as guest host of RP Online Community Practice.

  • RP students-in-training receive 30-minute session discount during ongoing trainings (Oct-April)


"I've been practicing the Realization Process for almost two years. I feel so fortunate to have met Candace early on - she's like a Judith whisperer...  translating the essence of the Realization Process in a ways accessible & calming & deep... also her voice is awesome: so soothing it lulls you into a deep settling - right into those places she's guiding you to settle into. 

-Andi Novick, NewYork, USA.  RP Practitioner since 2019
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