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Embody & Explore
Realization Process


with Candace Cave
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What is Realization Process?

Realization Process is a series of gentle, precise interoceptive attunement exercises, meditation & movement, that help people realize a long-hidden but readily available dimension of their being. This un-tapped dimension, fundamental (unitive) consciousness, feels like spacious stillness, a subtle unbroken experience of an expanse of space that pervades both one's own body & all of one's environment.

At this subtle dimension of our being we are unchanging, permeable, seemingly transparent. The movement of life passes through us without struggle. We can only be wholly human when we experience ourselves in life as both pervasive stillness & ever-evolving movement. 

Realization Process practices guide us to an ongoing integrated embodied experience that feels like unwavering spacious support that's inherent in ourself. This embodied experience helps us disentangle & unwind old patterns of relationship. It helps us release the grasping & struggle  required to navigate our  complex modern world. 
Candace Cave Realization Process Senior Teacher

Hello! I'm Candace Cave

RP Senior Teacher/Teacher Trainer

I guide people to embody wholeness of being using the portals  for transformation offered by Realization Process.

Realization Process helped me successfully transform & integrate the trauma & pain acquired throughout a life lived without experience of ground of being. 


I know what it's like to feel merged, overwhelmed, & disconnected from my body, other people, & my environment.


I know what it's like to feel entrapped by thoughts, emotions, & sensations spiraling in a cesspool of pain & memory.

I know what it's like to feel physical pain so intensely & for so long I'm not sure I want to carry on.


I teach Realization Process based upon my own experience. For me, the journey to wholeness of being continues to be profoundly transformative. My interest is to support others as they unfold their own transformative journey. I'd be delighted for you to travel the pathway to awakening along with me.

You Deserve to Experience
The Most Subtle Dimension of Your Being

Did you know there is a dimension of your self that can be easily experienced, relied upon as support, & accessed whenever needed?

This dimension, fundamental (unitive) consciousness, is part of your human birthright. Disastrously, our species has lost the thread of learning about this subtle aspect of yourself, the unchanging ground of your being.

This incredibly subtle (but not unfamiliar) dimension of yourself feels like an unbroken expanse of spacious stillness that pervades your body & all of your environment.


You've probably felt this expansive union with "divine."  Perhaps while gazing on a beautiful sunset, or in the hush of the deep forest, or in the communion of prayer, or like me, in the stillness that pervades ocean waves. You feel unified with everything, yet also feel in deep communion with yourself.


Because we have lost stable contact with this intimate part of ourselves, humans have become separated from many levels of reality (physical, emotional, mental) readily available to all beings.


Here's one of the amazing things about embodying this experience that feels like the essence, the core, of yourself. Embody this subtle dimension of your being for support to unwind & disentangle your limiting habit patterns & trauma triggers in ways that are infinitely deeper than verbal processing or cathartic release. 


You can re-claim this birthright, the unbreakable dimension of yourself. Feel it as a stable & reliable part of your wholeness of being. 

Realization Process is a unique & reliable practice to awaken & stabilize your experience of this untapped part of your wholeness.

Come Home to your Body

Live In & As Fundamental Consciousness

The Realization Process



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Explore RP with Candace

"Candace is an exceptional Realization Process teacher. She brings years  of dedicated training and experience in the Realization Process, as well as her own gifts of sensitivity, perception and compassion to her work.  I am delighted that she is teaching, and I highly recommend her."

-Judith Blackstone, Founder Realization Process
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