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Practical Applications for Working with RP
9 Fridays beginning September 6, 2023
1:00-3:30PM Eastern Time (-5UTC)
Your Guides: RP Senior Teacher Trainers
* Candace Cave * Cindy Cunningham * Theresa Scott *
Brenda Cunningham Scotland

Course Content
RP Advanced Guidance

  • How to prepare and teach RP classes/series/workshops/private sessions

  • Adding RP to your current teaching/coaching modality

  • How to begin, and end, a session/series

  • What you need to know from your client & how to obtain that information

  • Deep listening, see/feel, and other methods of guiding

  • Ways to promote RP - Create your own “elevator” speech & descriptions of your work

  • Finding & forming peer partnerships and groups for practice and supervision

  • A safe forum to discuss issues & voice fears

  • A nurturing environment to explore your creativity with your Realization Process work

  • Support, supervision and guidance for your RP practice & for conundrums that arise when you teach RP

  • And much more...

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For  RP Teachers Certified in Embodiment, Meditation & Healing Ground
Brenda Cunningham Scotland

Class Structure
RP Advanced Guidance

  • Practical Applications for facilitating Realization Process

  • 9 classes, 2+ hours each

  • Meaningful support 

  • Answers to all your how and what-to-teach questions

  • Guided group practice to deepen experience

  • Community interaction

  • Break Out Rooms

  • Interactive examples

  • Stories & advice from 3 very experienced RP teachers
Brenda Cunningham Scotland
Your Mentors
Realization Process Senior Teacher Trainers
Theresa Scott         Cindy Cunningham       Candace Cave
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Questions? Write to Us:

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RP Advanced Guidance 
Course Requirements: Applicants are Fully Certified to Teach the 3 Main Aspects of RP - Embodiment, Meditation, Healing Ground
9 Fridays* 1:00-3:30PM Eastern Time
Begins September 6, 2024

**$925 if Paid in Full no later than June 30, 2024
**$825 Repeat Participants

*Sept 6, 13, 20, 27, Oct 11, 25, Nov 4, 29, Dec 6
Classes Recorded & Shared with Participants
(some dates may change relative to the RP Embodiment Training)

RP Post Certification Seies
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