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Judith Blackstone Reading Group
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  • An environment that supports your journey of Embodied Nondual/Spiritual Awakening.

  • A friendly, practical, warm human being with deep listening skills, tremendous experience (Thousands of private sessions guided), and enormous compassion.

  • Encouragement & practical guidance to deepen & stabilize ongoing Experience of Fundamental Consciousness exploring all aspects of your Wholeness. 

  • An unique variety of RP practices drawn from years of teaching all aspects of the Realization Process: Subtle Self Work, Nondual Meditation, Embodied Experience, Trauma Repair Healing, plus Stillness Moving & Relational Exploration.

  • Articulate description of kinesthetic experience to help you more cogently inhabit your body.

  • Bare perception supports precise attunement, & practice reveals see/feel clearly through cyberspace. I can assist your discernment & precise attunements during our meeting online on Zoom or onsite in Ashland, OR.

  • All online sessions are recorded and shared with the participant(s). 

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How to Book Your Session


To schedule your private session and to ask any questions regarding your session, contact Candace Cave. 

Receive a Scheduling Link

And a personal note from Candace. Sessions of various lengths available from 30 minutes-90 minutes. 

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& AutoPay

Once you purchase your session and contact Candace, she will work with you to schedule a time to meet. 

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Private Session Pricing

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What Students Are Saying

“Both our physical and our emotional pain are secondary to our fundamental nature. No matter what we lose or suffer in our life, this core of our being, our true reality, cannot be damaged. It has not moved from the beginning and it will never move.”

-Judith Blackstone
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