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Nonduality is a philosophical, spiritual/religious, scientific, or embodied experience or understanding of intrinsic oneness or continuous unity. 


You are welcome to initiate a private retreat in one of our three guest cottages. The cottages at our sanctuary can accommodate a total of 5-8 people. A small group may request their own workshop (3-10 people), with some participants staying off site.

Ashland, Oregon is a unique small town. Our community of 20,000 people is rich with artists, performers, and healers. I am happy to guide your journey into your own depths, as well as support of  the unwinding of the patterns that limit your attunement to your own wholeness. 


By request, I guide workshops and small groups in my sanctuary and elsewhere.


I will travel with sufficient interest, and have taught Realization Process workshops in Melbourne, Australia and Sacramento, California.

I host vacationing guests at my therapeutic sanctuary:
Chakra Garden of Ashland.
Visit Chakra Garden of Ashland
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